Manicotti typeface showing


Contextual Alternates

Contextual alternates: When kerning isn’t enough, Manicotti uses contextual alternates to improve certain letter combinations.

Case sensitive forms

Case-sensitive punctuation: In all-caps settings, Manicotti repositions quotes and resizes brackets.

Discretionary ligatures

Discretionary ligatures: Decorative TT and OO ligatures help mix things up a little.


Unicase: Can’t decide between uppercase and lowercase? Stylistic Set 1 substitutes unicase alternates.


Swash alternates & snap-on swashes: Manicotti contains a set of decorative swash alternates, and some ending swashes are found in Stylistic Set 2. Additionally, a collection of snap-on swashes is accessible through the Ornaments feature.


Roman ampersand: Stylistic Set 3 substitutes the default ampersand with a more traditional alternate.


Ornaments: Manicotti comes with a bunch of ornaments, including dingbats, arrows, and pointing hands.

Licensing info

Licenses for Manicotti are now available for purchase from MyFonts and also from Veer. Of course, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.