Fonts In Use Submissions

Contribute a use

I’d love for you to contribute examples of my fonts in action to Fonts In Use, a website that — you guessed it! — catalogs examples of fonts in use. It is honestly one of my favorite places on the whole internet and I highly recommend it to anyone choosing and using fonts.

Posts on social media can be great, but they tend to fade away after a few days. A post on FIU can be a lasting record of an exemplary use, which is not only a helpful reference for me and users of my fonts, but also a way to bring a few extra eyeballs to your work! (In addition to visibility on, many posts are piped directly to the in-use sections of my website.)

But wait, there’s more!

To thank you for taking the time to submit a use of my fonts, I am happy to offer a complimentary Font of the Month Club back issue of your choice.

Just submit the use, wait for it to get published, and send me a link along with the back issue that you want. And if the use covers a font of mine that has no previous uses on FIU, I’ll make it two free back issues!

How to submit

Posting a use on FIU is easy. Pretty much, you can sign up for a free account, hit “Add a Use” in the top right under your name, and add all the images and metadata (dates, credits, categories) you want! No written description is required, though it can be nice to explain a little bit about the project, how the fonts are used, and why you chose them. Keep in mind that all contributions are subject to their submission policies.

Submitting a Font in Use

If you’d prefer for me to submit a use on your behalf, I’m usually happy to...but it depends on my availability. Feel free to e-mail me with decent-resolution images and info about the design including designer credits.

Thank you so much for helping to document uses of my work!