Student Licenses

I am happy to offer a free educational license for students to use in their academic work.

Good typography is a crucial part of good design, and I want to support students who want to gain experience licensing and using professional typefaces. I only ask that you return to purchase a full license if you wish to use the fonts in any context other than your academic work.

If you are a currently-enrolled student, you can download a free educational license by selecting it from the “License Type” dropdown on any font’s checkout page, like so:


If you are a student using my fonts for non-academic work without the funds to pay for a full license, you can check out my discounted licensing program as well. I am also happy to offer my fonts on Fontstand, an app that issues free trials and inexpensive font rentals.

I’d love for you to get in touch and show me how you put the font to use in your academic work!

Font of the Month Club

I love having students in my Font of the Month Club, and if you have a little spare cash, it’s a great way for you to support my work and grow your font library at the ame time! Students are welcome to enroll at the discounted membership rate, which is only $2/month.

I am also happy to provide educators with discounted rates for my type library.

For educators that would like to provide their students with a library of professional tools, I will happily offer my type library at a discounted rate for use at your institution. I also love to share my love of font making with others, and am available to give talks or lead workshops at your school or conference. Either way, feel free to get in touch!