Megabase Stripe is a variable color font that divides each glyph into a series of diagonal stripes. You can simulate the effect of a gradient by assigning each stripe a subtly different color, something otherwise impossible with the current implementation of COLR/CPAL fonts which only accept flat colors (for now). And if you assign each stripe a radically different color, things can get weird pretty fast. The font is available along with OpenType-SVG and non-color versions, and was released to the Font of the Month Club in October 2020.

Megabase Stripe is an experimental version of my Megabase typeface that divides each glyph into narrow bands of color, allowing you to simulate color gradients even though only flat colors are supported in COLR/CPAL fonts (for now). This font, along with gradiented OpenType-SVG and monochromatic versions, comprise the October 2020 edition of Font of the Month Club. This online demo was made with the help of Chris Lewis.