Fit Presentation Images

Fit aspect ratios

One of the reasons I released my typeface Fit is because I thought it would be a good demonstration of the new OpenType variable font format. In order to help explain the concept, I’ve made some images that you can use in presentations or lectures to demonstrate Fit’s capabilities, and by extension, one of the many ways that variable fonts can change the way we set type.

Feel free to download these images and use them in your talks (with credit or a link to, please). And in the spirit of the design, I made versions that fit the dimensions of both 1024×768 and 1280×720 projectors!

Text fitting demo

Fit is designed to fit

PNG 1024×768{: .button} PNG 1280×720{: .button}

A waterfall of widths

A Gradient

PNG 1024×768{: .button} PNG 1280×720{: .button}

Word length comparison


PNG 1024×768{: .button} PNG 1280×720{: .button}

Adapting to word length (animation)


GIF 1024×768{: .button} GIF 1280×720{: .button}

Draggable text at (animation)

Fit Drag Movie

GIF{: .button} MOV{: .button}

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