Nickel Open Face

Nickel character set

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending An Event Apart Boston, where I got to hear some great talks, chat with some interesting designers about type on the web, and meet web standards pioneer and Forma-user Jeffrey Zeldman.

On the final day of the conference, Jen Simmons led an incredible workshop on CSS Grid, where she not only explained the new syntax but the concepts behind it. Even though I spend more time designing type than I do designing websites, I was blown away at the potential for designing on a new level with this technology, and I could not wait to try it out myself.

So, as a first test of how I could use CSS grid, I created this colorful and responsive character showing of Nickel, May’s Font of the Month.

That shaded style that you see is Nickel Open Face, now available as a bonus offering for those who join my Font of the Month Club in May!

The Qualities of Design

The Qualities of Design

I am excited to see Fit in use in this small republication of The Qualities of Design, designed by Pavel Kedich.

The text is a chapter from a 1920 book by Harry Lawrence Gage which discusses harmony, balance, and shape. The text is set in Adobe Caslon Pro, and is broken up by large uses of Fit for display. Graphik is used for all of the captions.

This is one of a series of websites by Kedich that uses copyright-free text to play with layout and typography (see also Printing in Relation to Graphic Art).

The Qualities of Design

The Qualities of Design

Font of the Month Club

Font of the Month Club

Now for something a little different: I’m inviting you, my fellow type lover, to join the new Font of the Month Club! Sign up to get a fresh new font lovingly made by me, every single month.

In addition to my retail families, I love working on little side projects that explore a certain historical style or concept, such as standalone display faces and experimental designs. Most of these don’t ever get a proper release, so the Font of the Month Club is my way of sharing them with you.

Learn more and sign up for as little as $6/month at!

Variable fonts at SND

This past week, I gave a talk with Roger Black and Dave Crossland about OpenType variable fonts at the Society of News Design conference in Charlotte. The talk wasn’t recorded, but here are a couple clips to give you a taste:

Thank you to SND for having me, and for all who came to see the talk! Also, I was pretty to see Input and Output used all over the entire conference identity. 👍

SND conference badge