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The name of the individual, company, or organization that will hold the membership.
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The e-mail address of the member.
Subscription begins with the July 2019 issue
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For use not exceeding:

  • 3 desktop workstations
  • 15,000 monthly unique web visitors
  • 1 e-book
  • 8 desktop workstations
  • 100,000 monthly unique web visitors
  • 2 e-books
  • 1 mobile app
  • 15 desktop workstations
  • 500,000 monthly unique web visitors
  • 6 e-books
  • 3 mobile apps
  • 25 desktop workstations
  • 1 million monthly unique web visitors
  • 10 e-books
  • 5 mobile apps

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An e-mail where you want the receipt to go (if different than your e-mail)
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A list of domain names that will use the web fonts (no limit, contact me to add more later)
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Past fonts are available to members at twice their monthly price, or as a bundle for $10 each.
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